Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Members' Charitable Contributions Program

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Nominees (Firms/Brokers/Sales Reps) must be Members of TREB in good standing.

2. Nominees should have contributed to a program that improves the livability of a local community. Those activities are not limited to real estate or housing issues, and may include such things as community building, community conservation, crime prevention, youth mentoring, and homelessness prevention.

3. Nominees will be judged on level of personal contribution, impact of personal contribution, broadness of impact, and the project's suitability as a role model for other REALTORS®.

4. Nominees or submitters may include reports and/or testimonials from the organization they served or the people they helped.

5. Nominations or submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form to be considered.

6. REALTORS® may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another TREB Member, local association or the community organization they served.

Please provide as much information as possible.

Application / Submission Requirements:

Nominee or submitter

Membership number


Real estate designations (ABR, CRS, etc.)

Company name

If you're completing this application and you're not the nominee, please also provide your name



How you know the nominee

Community Program(s) Served

Organization name and Contact info

Nature of the community work the nominee performed (brief description)

How long the nominee has been volunteering with this organization

Briefly describe the results of the nominee's volunteer work

Who may we contact at the organization to verify the nominee's involvement?

Contact Name

Company/charity/title/contact info

Personal Contribution

Important Note: Although you may not keep exact records of your contribution, we must have your best estimate in order to evaluate the entry.


    1. Volunteer hours the nominee personally recruited from others to work for this organization. Unpaid hours the nominee personally contributed to this organization. (To and from DATE)


    2. Dollars, materials or resources other than time the nominee personally contributed to this organization (To and from DATE)

    3. Dollars the nominee personally raised for this organization (To and from DATE)

    4. Number of people served by the nominee's volunteer work (approx.)


    5. Is the nominee compensated for any portion of the community service work described in this application?

    YES                   NO

     (If yes, please explain)


    6. Does the nominee perform the community service as part of his or her duties as an employee or corporate officer of a real estate company?

    YES                   NO

     (If yes, please explain)

Explanation of Contribution

In no more than 100 words (500 characters), describe how the nominee's individual efforts have made the community a better place to live.

Verification of Involvement

Attach published reports or testimonials from the organization or individuals served that document the nominee's activities. These documents should attest to the individual involvement of the nominee. Please highlight the nominee's name in documents where it is not evident.
For any supporting documentation you will be prompted on the confirmation page to submit supporting documents via email. (List the attachments below)

Confirmation Criteria

Signature request to certify that to the best of your knowledge, all of the information provided is true and accurate.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided is true and accurate.

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I am the nominee                   I am not the nominee